Is Your Electric Panel Corroded?

We offer electric panel upgrade services in Pompano Beach, FL

South Florida building codes have become stricter and stricter in recent years. This means that homes or commercial buildings that aren't up to code could be fined. You can avoid this by turning to the experts at Lanny Electric LLC. We provide electric panel upgrade services in and around Pompano Beach, FL. We'll take your outdated panel and replace it with a brand-new one.

Don't know if your panel is within regulation? We can take a look. Call 954-400-8891 today to speak with a team member about our electric panel upgrade services.

4 signs you need to update your circuit board

While circuit breakers can last a while, when they go bad, you want to replace them right away. A few warning signs you need our circuit breaker installation service includes:

1. Constantly flickering lights
2. Scorch marks on your outlets
3. Lights that dim when you use appliances
4. A burning or strange smell coming from your breaker

If you notice any of these warning signs, get in touch with our electricians about our circuit breaker installation service right away.